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Increasingly, integral ventilation systems are being incorporated into modern, high-population building design, leading to a growing need for specialist cleaning capabilities that will keep systems clean and in effective working order. We are an ideal choice to perform this level of industrial cleaning, because we clean the entire ventilation system, from top to bottom and also offer the reassurance of having earned B and ES (Building and Engineering Services) accreditation. Using specialist equipment, we can undertake ductwork cleaning and ensure all the ventilation system’s shafts, air-filters and air handling units are thoroughly cleansed.  By cleaning so systematically, we can successfully maintain cleaner air within the system, which can help improve staff well-being and health. “Purpose built office buildings with integrated ventilation systems can be comfortable working environments, but in order to remain so, their ventilation systems need to be professionally cleaned.  Easy Clean has the specialist machinery needed to cleanse modern ventilation systems thoroughly and effectively, which in turn enables the systems to continue operating and helps keep staff in good health.” Companies that use our ventilation systems cleaning also use Easy Clean for their office contract cleaning and hygiene cleaning services.

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