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Specialist Cleaning

Ensuring our knowledge and equipment is right for the times

As building designs and internal mechanisms continue to evolve, we strive to keep pace with their cleaning requirements, and incorporate additional technology into our specialist cleaning services. By using the right machinery with the skills of specialist cleaners, we can deliver not just one technologically advanced cleaning solution, but a full fleet, to achieve truly immaculate results. So if the thorough cleaning of a building requires the use of a cherry picker, abseil, mobile elevated working platform, or a combination of each, we can provide the equipment, along with the licensed and certificated staff to perform the job exceptionally. “We’re extremely experienced and can assess any height of building, and know exactly how to clean its exterior. By coordinating specific programmes of cleaning solutions, and using for example platforms, an abseil and ‘pure water’, our skilled team can clean a building’s exterior like clockwork, providing incredible results and making buildings shine.” Modern buildings with air conditioning and ventilation systems benefit from the specialist cleaning services offered by Easy Clean.

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