Covid 19 Cleaning Update

Covid 19 Update

At this time Coronavirus –COVID 19 has meant that cleaning frequencies and approaches to cleaning has changed in order to minimise the spread of the virus. Easy Clean adopts the government recommended 2 stage approach, at all client sites, including 70 schools, commercial buildings and council offices, to include washing all hard surfaces firstly with detergent (tables, desks, sills ) and hand contact points (doors, door handles, toilets, sinks and taps, canteen areas) twice daily, followed by disinfection using a veridical cleaner specific for use against COVID 19 and enveloped viruses. Easy Clean also provides additional uplift daytime cleaning services to further increase the cleaning required for hand contact points and toilets. It is this flexibility, provided during these challenging times that have Easy Clean standing out from the rest. Easy Clean can also mobilise fully trained COVID 19 cleaning teams in the event of a team member being diagnosed with COVID -19 on your site, to prevent the need for closure. Easy Clean have completed a large number of emergency COVID 19 required deep cleans (reference contacts can be provided), as well as providing the services at doctors surgeries locally to maintain the cleanliness in COVID 19 quarantine zones, so you can be rest assured that our processes are safe and effective having the capacity to add to our clients requirements at extremely short notice.