Office that has been cleaned

The benefits of outsourcing your cleaning requirements

Over six years ago a decision to outsource our cleaning requirement was taken. Easy Clean was selected based on the response and quality of one piece of work to clean the school after the installation of a new heating system left all classrooms and equipment covered in brick dust. The completion of this item of work showed the quality of the service provided by the company, combined with a competitive tender and led the school to take on their services to carry out the regular daily cleaning .

During this period the cleaning has been of the highest standard and is completed without any effort from school staff. Work is always well supervised and regular quality checks are undertaken both by the in house team supervisor and by the Easy Clean management team. Any issues that have arisen; and these have been few and far between, are always swiftly and competently dealt with immediately.

All school’s cleaning requirements,

Easy Clean now provides for all of the school’s cleaning requirements, including facade cleaning, window cleaning, one off summer deep cleans, including carpet cleaning and machine floor scrubbing and the supply of all required cleaning materials and equipment. Suffice to say that the school no longer has to expend any effort in the management or supervision of the day to day cleaning regime.

Easy Clean promise an excellent result, which they then go to great lengths to maintain. The main benefit for the school is that you are releasing your cleaning department to a company, who is professionally qualified to advise and supply you with the best overall package, which provides a value for money, quality, cleaning solution . You can expect a high level of delivery, quality, and uniformity with Easy Cleans’ service. Alongside this, every issue surrounding this department becomes Easy Cleans responsibility. This includes any staffing issues, absences, the standard of cleaning, the procurement of products and supplies and the organisation of the whole operation. With someone else taking responsibility for all of these tasks, we can focus our efforts and the savings we have made elsewhere.